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We provide the following information as a service to our staff, customers and any interested persons in the disability, nursing and human services fields..These are online education opportunities offered by other organisations, and are not courses conducted by us. The user needs to make their own assessment of the merit of the courses listed here for your convenience.

Australian Nurses are now required as part of their professional registration renewal to undertake 20 hours per annum of Continuing Education for Professional Development in line with all other health professions. Online Education is one convenient option for those who work shift work. Also check out our Global Conference Calendar for other options.

Updated with new courses added May 2017


Should you offer or be aware of other online education opportunities suitable for disability workers, nurses and human services workers please let us know. We welcome the opportunity to consider them for possible listings here. We also promote these opportunities to our staff and colleagues through our various newsletters. Please email us the information and links – to

Epilepsy Essentials Online Training

Epilepsy Action Australia's Online training allows staff to gain a comprehensive understanding of epilepsy, and the ability to recognise and respond to seizures - all from their computer!

The Epilepsy Essentials Online Course is interactive, flexible and informative. The course takes one hour and includes information about epilepsy and seizures, including descriptions of the common types of seizure activity, seizure first aid and management strategies. Topics addressed in training include:

  • Facts about epilepsy
  • Types of seizures
  • Living with epilepsy
  • Seizure safety and first aid 

Enroll now, or contact us for more details:
T: 1300 37 45 37  


Sign Online! A great online course in Sign Language!

This is a basic introductory course in Auslan and you can study online for seven weeks by watching videos and joining in the discussion forum in your own time. Conducted by the Deaf Society of NSW.

Who can join: Anyone who is over 14 years and 9 months old.

To Enrol: contact us or phone (02) 8833 3630 for details. You can also enrol online.

To enrol in Sign Online, you need to be able to access a computer with a broadband Internet connection with a download allowance of around 200MB to 500MB per week so you can access our videos.

Every Moment Has Potential Online Learning Resource for support workers

The resource provides an introduction to Person Centred Active Support - a way of working that enables everyone, no matter what their level of intellectual or physical disability, to make choices and participate in meaningful activities and social relationships.

When support workers use Person Centred Active Support, it leads to a better quality of life for the people they support. Increasingly, disability support services are adopting Person Centred Active Support as a way of working and are expecting support workers to be skilled in this approach. This online learning resource is based on research undertaken by many researchers in the UK and Australia including the late Professor Jim Mansell and Dr Julie Beadle-Brown, Professor Christine Bigby and Dr Emma Bould. 

This online learning resource introduces you to:

  • the key elements of      Person Centred Active Support
  • the skills you need to      practice Person Centred Active Support in your workplace
  • some of the many      positive outcomes for people with a disability that occur when support      workers use Person Centred Active Support. 

In order to demonstrate competency in Person Centred Active Support practice, the learning in this resource must be complemented by hands on practice in a workplace. 

This online learning resource was funded by the Australian Government Department of Industry. It is a collaboration between Greystanes Disability Services and the Living with Disability Research Centre at La Trobe University. It was developed with input from a wide range of stakeholders, including Western Sydney Institute of TAFE NSW and an Industry Reference Group and Steering Committee. Click here to see full credits.

You can view this resource on your mobile phone, tablet, iPad or computer.

Start here online

New Online Offering: Diploma of Community Services Work in Person Centredness Online (CHC50612)

The Centre for Disability Studies is an internationally recognised leader in the field of disability practice and research. The Centre for Disability Studies is pleased to offer the Diploma of Community Services Work in Person Centredness, a unique qualification that supports participants to transform their practices and organisations based on person centred principles, practices and approaches. The Diploma of Community Services Work in Person Centredness is an accredited qualification through SydneyLearning, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The University of Sydney.

Contact Lisa Hamilton

For more information go to

Leading OHS in the Disability Sector Online Training Resource

NDS has been funded through a WorkCover Training and Education Assist Grant to develop an online training program for managers and supervisors in the Disability Sector. This training program is now completed and is ready for use. "Leading OHS in the Disability Sector" has been developed using disability specific material and case examples.

Modules include: Legislative Framework, OHS Management System, OHS Consultation, Risk Management, Management of Specific Risks, Injury Management, OHS Training, Records and Information Management and Continuous Improvement.
There is no requirement for all modules to be completed in one sitting so completion of the course can be organised around other duties.

You can access the training program by going to the disability safe website and clicking on the Leading OHS in the Disability Sector banner at the bottom of the home page. To first access the training you will need to click on the register button in order to gain a username and password. Registration allows you to track your progress with the program and will result in notification to NDS of its completion so that a certificate of completion can be generated.


·    General awareness courses for people with epilepsy and their families.

·    Courses for school children

·    Accredited courses for GPs and Health Professionals

·    Emergency Medication Training

·    Resources and tools including Seizure Management Plan template, My Epilepsy Diary, Fact Sheets, Memory game and more.

Queensford College Online Courses

Aged care course:

Disability course:


The Practice Improvement Framework (PIF) website is Live!

The Practice Improvement Framework (PIF) is one of the long term systemic solutions developed by Clinical Innovation and Governance to improve work practice in specialist behaviour support within the government and non-government disability sector.

Click here to view the PIF Factsheets.
To become a participant and complete the e-Learning you can register at

Training Alliance

They conduct a Webinar Series on a range of disability support topics - check out their up coming Webinar dates and topics.

Centre for Community Welfare Training CCWT

ANF national online continuing professional education

The Australian Nursing Federation offers national online continuing professional education for nurses and midwives. The self-directed learning tutorials are designed to provide nurses and midwives with best practice learning on health issues that can then be applied to nursing practice. New tutorials will go online each month with about fifteen courses expected to be available by the end of the year. Each tutorial is supported by an online presentation, additional reading, and a random ten question assessment quiz. The cost for each tutorial is $7.70 for ANF members ($30 for non-members) and is tax deductible.

Available Topics CPE Points Preview Buy / View

Advanced Life Support Update  - 5 Preview BUY

Asthma Management -5 Preview BUY

Basic Life Support Update - 5  Preview BUY  

Cardiac 1 - Chest Pain Assessment and Management - 5  Preview BUY  

Diabetes Mellitus - 5  Preview BUY  

Drug Calculations and Administration - 5  Preview BUY  

ECG and Rhythms 1 - 5  Preview BUY  

ECG and Rhythms 2 - 5  Preview BUY

Emergency Drugs - 5  Preview BUY

Fire and Emergency Training - 5  Preview BUY  

Infection Control - 5  Preview BUY  

Occupational Violence and Aggression   - 5  Preview BUY  

Manual Handling - 5  Preview BUY

Palliative Care - 5 Preview BUY

Respiratory 1 - Upper Airway Obstruction - 5  Preview BUY  

Respiratory 2 - Respiratory Failure - 5  Preview BUY

Vision Care - 5 Preview BUY  

Wound Care Update - 5  Preview BUY

You can then undertake the self directed learning involved with each topic of your choice. Each topic consists of a quick reference tutorial paired with a randomly generated assessment quiz. If you are a current ANF member, your highest assessment attempt will appear on your ANF Continuing Education Record. You are allowed three attempts to achieve the highest score. After your three attempts, the assessment link will become inactive, however you will be able to view the tutorial while it is still an active course on this site. If you require more than three attempts, please purchase the topic again.

CPE Points: These are Continuing Professional Education points that represent approximately one hour of self directed learning for each point. The Nurses and Midwives Board of Australia require all nurses and midwives to attain 20 CPD points per year for continuing registration.

Test And Calc Drug Calculations Tests for Nurses

Online self testing, help and calculators for health professionals covering:-

-          metric conversions

-          tablet dosage calculations

-          fluid dosage calculations

-          IV drop rate calculations


Medication Calculations Exam 1 - 1 hr – FREE course More Info

Challenge yourself and get 60 minutes free CPD with the May medication calculation exam
This Exam will cover:

  • Units of measurement and conversions
  • Oral Medications
  • IV Infusions

Infectious and Communicable Disease – 2hr

Explores the contemporary challenges of infectious and communicable diseases, as well as their control and prevention in emergency nursing. (more…)

Preventing Infections 1 – Standard Precautions – 15min

Standard Precautions are practices and procedures that are employed during the care of all patients to achieve a basic level of infection prevention and control. (more…)

Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) – 15mins

Healthcare-Associated Infections, or HAIs, are infections that people acquire while they are receiving treatment for another condition in a health care setting. Research shows that a significant proportion of infections can be prevented by adherence to established infection control practices. Above all, YOU are a key part of the strategy to prevent and control Healthcare-Associated Infection. (more…)

Preventing Infections 2 – Transmission-Based Precautions – 15min

Transmission-Based Precautions are required in work-practice situations where Standard Precautions alone may be insufficient to prevent infection. (more…)

Pneumonia – 15mins

This short course covers causes, symptoms and treatments of pneumonia – a leading cause of death for the elderly, children and immunocompromised patients. (more…)

Respiratory Alterations And Management – 2hrs

The most common reason that patients require admission to an intensive care unit (ICU) is for support of their respiratory system. This Course describes the incidence, pathophysiology, clinical manifestations and management of common respiratory disorders that result in acute respiratory failure.

Clinical Leadership – 45min

Examines the wide applicability of strong leadership skills in the workplace, with simple strategies and examples. (more…)

Emergency Presentations – 2 hr

Outlines critical Emergency Department presentations, systems and processes, including triage, disaster management and the nurse’s role.
Emergency nursing practice covers an enormous range of clinical presentations, from headaches to chest pain to broken bones. (more…)

Triage – History and Overview – 45min

Triage has come a long way since it was first described in 1797 during the Napoleonic wars.  Originally used with military motives prioritising minor wounds of soldiers so they could return to battle. (more…)

Emergency Presentations – Respiratory Presentations – 30min

Patients with respiratory dysfunctions are a common presentation to the ED and are seen across all age groups. Respiratory symptoms can be associated with a broad range of underlying pathologies. This module will discuss the initial assessment and treatment of several common respiratory diseases (more…)

Emergency Presentations – Chest Pain – 30min

Chest discomfort or pain is a common presenting complaint to the ED and can be associated with a number of different clinical conditions, several of which are associated with life-threatening pathology. (more…)

Emergency Presentations – Overdose and Poisoning – 1hr

A poisoned patient may present with a wide range of clinical features – from no symptoms through to a life-threatening condition or the potential to deteriorate rapidly; patients should therefore always be assessed immediately (more…)

Cardiovascular Assessment and Monitoring – Part One: Fundamentals – 1hr

Part One gives a detailed understanding of the anatomical structures and physiological events essential for performing a comprehensive cardiovascular assessment of the critically ill patient (more…)

Cardiovascular Assessment and Monitoring – Part Two: Monitoring – 45min

This course addresses the essential steps of defining a patient’s cardiovascular status and introduces a range of methods for implementing a timely clinical management plan. (more…)

Cardiovascular Assessment and Monitoring – Part Three: Diagnostics – 45min

Part Three covers Cardiovascular Diagnostics using non-invasive and invasive cardiovascular monitoring techniques and technologies. (more…)

Healthy Ageing – Part One – 1hr

This course addresses the health of older persons in the context of community, looking at health promotion, discrimination and gaps in health services.

Healthy Ageing – Part Two – 1hr

Identifies the issues surrounding Healthy Ageing and investigates the current gap between a holistic preventative approach and the existing health focus on the treatment of disease. (more…)

Cardiovascular Emergencies – Part One: Fundamentals – 2hrs

Covering basic cardiovascular anatomy and physiology, blood flow through the heart and Basic Electrocardiogram Interpretation. (more…)

Cardiovascular Emergencies – Part Two: Overview to Presentations – 2hrs

This course discusses the essential steps in assessing emergencies of the heart and the great vessels, outlines serious cardiovascular conditions and describes their subsequent paramedic and nursing management. (more…)

Cardiovascular Emergencies – Part Three: Presentations – 2hrs

Continuing on from Part Two, covering Pacemakers, Heart Failure, Acute Pericarditis, Aortic Aneurysm, Hypertensive Crisis.

Cardiovascular System – Anatomy & Physiology MIE – 2hrs

Great value course covering structures and functions of the heart, the conduction system and the three major circulatory systems.

Violence, Abuse and Assault – 45min

Importantly, this course highlights your role as an emergency nurse in a position to detect and manage the consequences of all types of interpersonal violence. (more…)

Child Abuse and Neglect – 30min

Paramedics and emergency nurses must be aware of the processes for responding to suspected child abuse and neglect and understand the way in which organisational policies and procedures articulate with their legal responsibilities to report cases of suspected abuse and neglect. (more…)

Sexual Assault – 15min

Increase your knowledge and understanding about sexual assault issues and enhance your ability to respond appropriately to disclosures of sexual assault and ensure a high-quality level of care.

Elder Abuse and Neglect – 15min

Learn about the warning signs of elder abuse, what the risk factors are, and how you can prevent and report the problem. (more…)


Part of TAFE NSW, OTEN is the largest provider of TAFE distance education courses in Australia, offering government-accredited and nationally recognised qualifications.

Flexible Learning - Get Qualified Faster

OTEN TAFE courses are offered online and by correspondence, so you can study anytime, anywhere.

The goal of the Open Training and Education Network (OTEN) is to provide you, our valued students with high quality education and training @ your own pace @ your own place.

Enrolment is available all year round, so you decide when to start your course. And because you study at your own pace, you can gain a TAFE certificate or diploma in six months, a year or two years - it's all up to you. applying and enrolling with OTEN.

Courses available:

18171 Disability Certificate III

18172 Disability Certificate IV
18167 Aged Care Certificate III

18168 Aged Care Certificate IV
18169 Home and Community Care Certificate III

18170 Home and Community Care Certificate IV
18176 Mental Health Certificate IV

18175 Alcohol and Other Drugs Certificate IV

19281 Alcohol, Drugs and Mental Health Co-morbidity Statement of Attainment

18179 Community Services (Alcohol, other drugs and ment) Diploma

17414 Community Services (Alcohol and other drugs) Diploma

18177 Community Services (Mental Health) Diploma

18702 Community Services Work Diploma

18827 Training and Assessment Certificate IV


Northern Institute of TAFE CPD online education.  

Extensive range of topics and courses covering:-

Cerebral Palsy Alliance

Disability Quotient Online Education

  Disability Dynamic Course – is designed to support Allied Health Professionals learning about disability and the disability sector.

Future Learn - Free Online Courses.

Future Learn offer a diverse selection of courses from leading universities and cultural institutions from around the world. These are delivered one step at a time, and are accessible on mobile, tablet and desktop, so you can fit learning around your life.

We believe learning should be an enjoyable, social experience, so our courses offer the opportunity to discuss what you’re learning with others as you go, helping you make fresh discoveries and form new ideas. Learn more about how our courses work

Up coming courses at

Examples of some of the courses on offer

Disability and a Good Life: Working with Disability

UNSW Australia Learn how disability intersects with human rights, and how a good life can be made possible for everyone.

  • 1 Aug - 6 weeks - 5 hours pw - Certificate      More

Anatomy: Know Your Abdomen

University of Leeds How much do you know about your abdomen and how it works? Discover what you know already and find out more.

  • 1 Aug - 2 weeks - 2 hours pw - Certificate      - More

ECG Assessment: an Introduction for Healthcare Providers

St George's, University of London Understand the principles of electrocardiography and learn a step-by-step approach to the ECG test, with this free online course.

  • 29 Aug 2 weeks2 hours pwCertificate More

Ageing Well: Falls

Newcastle University Explore why people fall, discover practical methods to reduce the risk of falling and recognise when to seek expert help.

  • 5 Sep 4 weeks2 hours pwCertificate More

Heart Health: a Beginner's Guide to Cardiovascular Disease

University of Reading Learn more about how your heart works, the causes of heart disease and how to keep your heart healthy with this free online course

  • 5 Sep 4 weeks3 hours pwCertificate More

Inside Cancer: How Genes Influence Cancer Development

University of Bath Understand how genetics influence the development and spread of cancer, with this free, introductory online course.

  • 5 Sep 6 weeks 3 hours pw Certificate      More

Nutrition and Wellbeing

University of Aberdeen Demystify the complex and conflicting messages we hear about nutrition, health and lifestyle today, with this free online course.

  • 5 Sep 4 weeks 3 hours pw Certificate      More

The Science of Medicines

Monash University Learn the science behind how and why medicines work, and what can improve patient's treatment, with this free online course.

  • 5 Sep 6 weeks 3 hours pw Certificate      More

Education for All: Disability, Diversity and Inclusion

University of Cape Town Join this free online course to find out how inclusive education can work, especially where resources are limited.

  • 19 Sep 6 weeks 3 hours pw Certificate      More

Myths and Realities of Personalised Medicine: the Genetic Revolution

UNSW Australia Learn about personalised medicine and the impact that our enhanced understanding of genetics has on modern medicine and society.

  • 19 Sep 5 weeks 3 hours pw Certificate       More

The Diabetes Epidemic: a Patient-Centred Approach

University of Dundee Understand why type 2 diabetes is becoming so prevalent, and what we can do to prevent and treat it, with this free online course

  • 19 Sep  2 weeks 3 hours pw Certificate More

Understanding Anxiety, Depression and CBT

University of Reading Improve your understanding of depression and anxiety and find out more about an effective and evidence-based treatment: CBT

  • 19 Sep 5 weeks 3 hours pw Certificate      More

Making Sense of Health Evidence: The Informed Consumer

Cardiff University How do you understand whether health evidence is likely to be reliable or not? Find out in this free online course.

  • 26 Sep  4 weeks 3 hours pw Certificate More

Antibiotic Resistance: The Silent Tsunami

Uppsala University Understand antibiotic resistance and what actions are needed to address this increasingly serious global health threat

  • 3 Oct  4 weeks 3 hours pw Certificate More

Dysphagia: Swallowing Difficulties and Medicines

UEA (University of East Anglia) This course will enhance the knowledge of any person involved in the administration of medicines to patients with dysphagia.

  • 3 Oct  6 weeks 2 hours pw Certificate More

The Many Faces of Dementia

UCL (University College London) Gain a unique insight into dementia through the stories, symptoms and science behind four less common diagnoses.

  • 3 Oct 4 weeks 2 hours pw Certificate      More

Palliative Care: Making it Work

Lancaster University Learn how palliative care is managed in Europe and find out about best practice in delivering integrated palliative care

  • 17 Oct 3 weeks 3 hours pw Certificate       More

Compassionate Care: Getting it Right

University of Dundee This free online course will explore the impact of compassionate care, for both practitioners and users of health and social care.

  • 31 Oct 5 weeks 3 hours pw Certificate      More

Inspire Education Online Education Queensland

Aged Care And Disability Courses

Certificate III in Aged Care
- Aged Care Courses

Course Code:

Certificate III in Home and Community Care CHC30308
Course Code:

Ausmed Online

Nurses - Complete Your CPD Online
Their website contains more than 800 Continuing Professional Development resources.
1000s of Nurses are now using AusmedOnline with 52441 resources used since July 2010.

It includes:

Nursing Lectures - Hours of nursing lectures recorded at conferences run in Australia. Spoken by unique educators who are highly qualified nursing professionals.

Free Sample: Introduction to Electrocardiology

Powerpoint Presentations - Interactive PowerPoint Presentations to facilitate self-directed learning with high quality images and assistive worksheets.

Free Sample: Anatomy & Physiology of the Digestive System

Educational Videos - To enhance the educational experience, AusmedOnline is progressively creating informative video education.

Free Sample: How are Health Complaints Dealt With?

Textbook Chapters - 100s of chapters from the Ausmed Publications library are available online for download.

Free Sample: The Skin and Healing

Nursing Documents - Whitepapers, "Fast Fact Sheets" and the Nursing Blog provide a diverse array of written resources.

Free Sample: Nutrition Support Before Surgery

Health Care Images - High quality annotated medical and health care images covering many areas of the human body. Available for you to use in projects, presentations and as patient teaching aids.

Free Sample: Brain Hemispheres

Management Tools - AusmedOnline provides a usefull kit of management tools including pre-written job descriptions and HRM policies as well as the many teaching aids above.

Free Sample: Director of Nursing Job Description

Membership - AusmedOnline Members gain access to all these excellent resources and more. Join today with our 6 or 12 month membership plans.

RCNA Life Long Learning Program 3LP

Royal College of Nursing, Australia (RCNA) has been at the forefront of providing nurses with support in managing their professional development. Our life long learning program, 3LP, is an online program which has brought together planning, access to e-learning activities and quality research materials and tools for recording of professional development. Activities which we provide through 3LP have been quality assured through RCNA's endorsement processes. With 3LP, it's simple to plan, implement, document and validate your CPD, communicate with colleagues and plan your nursing career. We are excited by the new features and refreshed look of 3LP and welcome feedback on how we can to continue to meet your needs and improve our service. Debra Cerasa CEO RCNA

E3 Learning Online Health and Aged Care

They provide access to an extensive library of professionally scripted, engaging online training courses. Browse our most popular courses and purchase online using your credit card.

Assist with Self Medication – e3learning has partnered with the Australian Institute of Care Development (AICD) to develop a course for care workers assisting others self medication. The course provides care workers with a clear understand of their roles and responsibilities when assisting clients with medication. Find out more 

Basic Life Support - This course has been designed to teach staff about Basic Life Support, referred to as BLS, within the health care environment, and is based on the Australian Resuscitation Council 2006 Guidelines. This has been a joint project between e3Learning and Grampians Health. Find out more 

Hand Hygiene Australia - Based on the course from Hand Hygiene Australia the course covers: the why, who, when and how of hand hygiene. The course is constructed around the 'Five Moments of Hand Hygiene' and also discusses the role of gloves and nail and hand care in hand hygiene.  Find out more  

Infection Control 1 (Introduction) - This course will provide you with a thorough introduction to the requirements for maintaining standards of infection control within the health industry. Find out more  

Infection Control 2 (Advanced) - The Advanced Infection Control course is aimed at senior carers, enrolled and registered nurses, senior cleaning staff, senior kitchen staff, and senior administrative staff. The training has been developed based on the Australian National Infection Control Guidelines.Find out more  

Manual Handling in Aged Care - This course has been developed with Physiotherapists who are providing an award winning patient handling program in South Australia. The course is written with national scope. The course will provide the theoretical component of patient handling for all staff in aged care facilities. Find out more  

Clinical Handover (ISBAR) - The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare has mandated Clinical Handover as one of the 10 national standards (Standard 6). Find out more

Clinical Handover (ISOBAR) - The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare has mandated Clinical Handover as one of the 10 national standards (Standard 6). Find out more

Preventing and Managing Occupational Violence and Aggression in Health Care Settings - This course has been developed with content experts from Grampians health and has been designed for health service staff who are increasingly being confronted with incidents of occupational violence and aggression. Occupational violence and aggression not only affects the health and wellbeing of health service staff but also has significant workforce and financial implications for the health care industry. For all of these reasons, staff need to know how to prevent, reduce and manage incidents of violence and aggression in the workplace. Find out more  

Prevention and Management of Elder Abuse in Health Care Settings - Developed in partnership with Grampians Health Services and the Victorian Department of Health (Grampians Region) this course will assist health service staff in preventing and managing incidents of elder abuse in their workplace. The course includes some examples from Victorian legislation but is appropriate for healthcare staff Australia wide. Nominal time for completion is 90 minutes. Find out more  

Safe Medication Management - This course developed with content experts from Grampians Health aims to assist registered nurses whose scope of practice includes medication administration to demonstrate the essential knowledge and mathematical competencies of medication management. Find out more  

Understanding Dementia 1 - An Introduction - This module will give carers an introduction to some of the basics of dementia. The module will provide an understanding of dementia, explain the difference between confusion and dementia, the types of dementia and some of its causes, and go through the different stages of dementia. Find out more  

Understanding Dementia 2 - Person Centred Care - This course is designed to introduce the concept of person centred care. It provides an understanding of the importance of person centred care and a practical understanding of how to apply the principals of person centred care. Find out more  

Understanding Dementia 3 - Communication Skills - This course covers the impact of positive and negative communication, The use of voice, Effective listening, Use of metaphors and symbols and Empathy. Find out more  

Understanding Dementia 4 - Activities and Occupation - This course covers: the building blocks of care, identify and biography, importance of culture, comfort and attachment, autonomy and agency, risks and rights, and activities and occupation. Find out more  

Understanding Dementia 5 - Understanding Challenging Behaviour - This course covers: An introduction to challenging behaviour, factors underlying challenging behaviour, the ABC approach and the carer's role in challenging behaviour. Find out more  

Introduction to Personalised Incontinence Care - This course provides an introduction to the area of incontinence care. The course explains the different types and causes of incontinence, basic anatomy and physiology as it relates to incontinence care and the range of treatments and lifestyle interventions available. The course has been designed for carers, nurses and managers within aged care facilities. Find out more  

Perineal Skin Care In Relation to Incontinence - This course developed with content experts from TENA provides an understanding of the issues related to perineal skin care. Designed for nurses and carers, the course provides the knowledge, practical tools and support for all aspects of good practice perineal skin care. Find out more  

Dementia & Incontinence - This course creates an awareness of the issues around management of incontinence of those affected by dementia. Designed for nurses and carers, the course explains different types of dementia and associated behaviour, and the best way to approach incontinence management for those affected by dementia.  Find out more  

Leakage Prevention - This course provides training in good practice pad leakage prevention. Designed for nurses and carers, the course provides training in leakage prevention strategies, procedures for managing pad leakage and continuous improvement systems. Find out more  

Incontinence Night Care - This course develops an awareness of the issues surrounding night incontinence and how to address them. Designed for carers and nurses, the course covers the importance of sleep for the elderly and good practice routines to minimise the impact of incontinence on sleep. Find out more  

Pad Changing and Change Frequency - This course developed with content experts from TENA provides training in good practice pad changing and change frequency. Designed for nurses and carers, the course provides training in daily pad changing routines, the benefits of good practice pad changing and change frequency, how to maintain resident dignity and reduce carer workload and strain, and how to fit pads properly. Find out more  

Smith & Nephew - Wound Bed Management - This course has been designed to help you improve your knowledge of wound care. It takes a holistic approach based on current research and a concept known as Wound Bed Preparation as the foundation for management. Find out more  

Smith & Nephew - Pressure Ulcers - This course has been designed to help you improve your knowledge of pressure ulcers and their treatment. Find out more  

Smith & Nephew - Skin Tears - This course has been designed to help you improve your knowledge of skin care and the management of skin tears in the elderly. Find out more

AustralianCollege Of Mental Health Nurses Online Professional Development

The ACMHN is committed to establishing a professional development program for members, which will enable easy access to ongoing education, mentorship, clinical supervision and networking. The College has developed an online peri-natal mental health program, based on the existing Non-Directive Pregnancy Counselling course. 

The Australian College of Mental Health Nurses recently conducted a survey of nurses and midwives to gain insight into the need for education and training in mental health. The survey was designed to determine the need for online education for nurses and midwives about mental health.  The outcomes of the survey will guide the future development of the College's online Mental Health courses for nurses and midwives.

Perinatal Mental Health CPD Program for Nurses & Midwives

Diabetes Online Learning Program for Mental Health Workers

Mental Health Community of Practice

Health Staff Ed

HealthStaffEd provides the highest quality Continuing Professional Development for nurses and midwives. CPD for nurses (Continuing Professional Development for nurses / Continual Professional Development for nurses) is a critical requirement for nursing registration.  Accessing HealthStaffEd online tutorials will provide all the required CPD for nursing and midwifery registration pursuant to AHPRA requirements. You can be sure that all of the information provided is current, evidence-based and developed by highly skilled, qualified professionals working in Australia. HealthStaffEd's tutorials are all endorsed by the RoyalCollege of Nursing Australia. Register now for nurse and midwife CPD hours!

Tutorials by topics:

Courses Now

Aged Care and Counselling $974 $779

Caring for the elderly? Working with the elderly requires a different set of skills and knowledge to ensure that they receive the appropriate support. This This course considers the different issues that are faced by older people, such as bereavement, chronic illness, terminal illness and death, and how to provide them with appropriate support. full details

HALO CPD ( Health Australia Learning Opportunities)

Halo offers a range of CPD-based education products and services for nurses, health care professionals and organisations across Australia
Halo's 2 CPD Streams are continuously growing. The current subject areas are listed below:

Applied Drug Calculations CPD Points: 1 Hour
Sale Price: $20.00

Homeostasis- Water Balance CPD Points: 1 Hour Sale Price: $20.00

The Principles of Conducting a Mental Health Assessment in Practice CPD Points: 1 Hour Sale Price: $20.00

An Introduction to Evidence Based practice CPD Points: 1 Hour Sale Price: $20.00

OH&S for Managers CPD Points: 1 Hour Sale Price: $20.00

Scope of Practice CPD Points: 1 Hour Sale Price: $20.00

Systems for Shrinking Stress  CPD Points: 1 Hour Sale Price: $20.00

Premium Health

HLTFA301B and HLTCPR201A courses are now available to study Online. Start your first aid course today. (Read More)

This unit of competency offers fundamental life support – the knowledge and skills required to perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) in line with the Australian Resuscitation Guidelines. (Read more) TWO Delivery Options Available:

OPTION 1 - STANDARD  3 hours face-to-face training. Cost: $70 per person (Bookonline, view dates or enquire now)

This online learning option is suited to e-learners and can be completed at your own pace with only a one hour face-to-face assessment session. Cost: $85 per person plus $15 postage and handling (Book online, view dates or enquire)

HLTFA301B APPLY FIRST AID (Senior First Aid)

This unit of competency offers the skills and knowledge required to provide a basic first aid response, emergency life support and management of casualty(s), the incident and other first aiders until the arrival of medical or other assistance.  The competencies are recognised as a benchmark standard satisfying training requirements across many occupational qualifications and industries. (Read more)

There are four different delivery options to suit different learning styles and budgets.

New Learners:

  • Option 1 Flexible - Study time + 1 day face-to-face training and assessment
  • Option 2 Online - Online learning + 2.5 hours face-to-face assessment
  • Option 3 Standard - 2 days face-to-face training and assessment

Experienced first aiders:

  • Option 2 Online - Online learning + 2.5 hours face-to-face assessment
  • Option 4 Update - Review + 1 day face-to-face training and assessment

For more information about the FOUR delivery options available please see below:

This flexible option combines personal study with a 1 day training workshop. (Read more)
Cost: $185, plus $10 postage per person (Bookonline, view dates or enquire now)

This online learning option is suited to e-learners and can be completed at your own pace with a 2.5 hour face-to-face assessment session. (Read more)
Cost: $199, plus $15 postage per person (Book online, view dates or enquire)

You prefer trainer-facilitated learning!  Then this 1.5-day face-to-face training and assessment workshop is for you. (Read more)
Cost: $220 per person (Book online, view dates or enquire)

This 1 day workshop is for those who already hold a Statement of Attainment. It enables you to refresh your knowledge and demonstrate you have the required competencies. (Read more)
Cost: $175, plus $10 postage per person (Book online, view dates or enquire)




HI Online is Hunter TAFE's elearning platform for the delivery of online course content.

Many courses at Hunter TAFE have sites to enable students to access resources and learning activites via the Internet. If you are not sure whether your course has on line content ... ask your teacher!


Select your TAFE Course/Training package

Aged Care
Allied Health
Health Sciences
Community Services
Health Services Assistance

Open Colleges

Open Colleges offer more than 130 courses available through online and distance education. For further information on the courses listed, please call one of our Course Advisors today on 1300 861 249 or enquire below using the online form.

Aged Care

Children Services


Mediation & Youth Work

Community Care


Other Health Courses

·    Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance (Speech Pathology) (new)

·    Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance (Podiatry) (new)

·    Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance (Occupational Therapy) (new)

·    Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance (new)

·    Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance (Physiotherapy) (new)

·    Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance (Nutrition & Dietetics) (new)

·    Certificate IV in Cast Technology

·    Certificate III in Dental Assisting

·    Certificate IV in Dental Assisting

·    Certificate IV in Fitness

·    Certificate III in Fitness

·    Certificate III in Health Services Assistance

·    Certificate III in Health Support Services

·    Certificate IV in Medical Practice Assisting

·    Certificate III in Sterilisation Services

·    Open Colleges Certificate of Massage

·    Open Colleges Certificate of Nutrition

·    Open Colleges Certificate of Physical Therapy Aide

UpSkilled Education

Upskilled’s online courses utilises unique technology to enable people to learn anytime and anywhere. So wherever you are, at home, at work or at a cafe you can easily access and submit your course work.  Upskilled has focused on quality in its online learning based training, as in every form of our training, to ensure we surpass industry best practice in its content, delivery and how it is supported.

Online BSB41407 Certificate IV in Occupational Health and Safety

Online BSB41007 Certificate IV in Human Resources

Online BSB40807 Certificate IV in Frontline Management


Take free online classes from 115+ top universities and educational organizations. We partner with schools like Stanford, Melbourne, Yale, NSW, Princeton, Western Australia, London, John Hopkins, Edinburgh, Manchester, and others. Courses are open to anyone, and learning is free. Online learning plays a significant role in a lifelong education. Watch short video lectures, take interactive quizzes, complete peer graded assessments, and connect with fellow learners and instructors.

EAMPLES of go at your own pace and start at your own time courses:-

Child Nutrition and Cooking – Stanford University

Introductory Human Physiology – Duke University

Epidemiology: The Basic Science of Public Health – Uni of North Carolina

Public Policy Challenges of the 21st Century – University of Virginia

College Of Direct Support (USA) - Direct Paths

Web based training for direct support professionals.

DIC-Autism    Price: $ 99.00 USD   More Information    Add to Cart

Description: The course offered in this package is a disability intensive course covering the topic of Autism Spectrum Disorders. This course is an introduction to the topic of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Autism was once thought to be a rare disability. As the number of people with autism increases, it is important for Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) to be knowledgeable about autism. This course will introduce information on the causes, characteristics, and symptoms of autism. It shares personal stories of people who have autism and also includes stories from family members.  This course will help DSPs understand how autism affects people in their daily lives. It will also help DSPs understand how co-occurring disorders may affect people with autism.  Effective support strategies for working with people with autism will also be presented. DSPs will find a list of helpful resources and references about autism within the lesson.

DIC-Cerebral Palsy  Price: $ 99.00 USD    More Information    Add to Cart

Description: The course offered in this package is a disability intensive course covering the topic of Cerebral Palsy. This disability intensive course will introduce you to cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is a very common brain disorder disability affecting body movement. It also affects muscle coordination. Cerebral palsy can begin in infancy, early childhood, or it can be acquired at a later age when a specific part of the brain is injured. It is a permanent condition that does not get worse over time. The common characteristics of cerebral palsy will be identified in this course, along with a description of the main types of cerebral palsy. Finally, it will help you understand some of the typical support needed by someone who has cerebral palsy.

DIC-Depression  Price: $ 99.00  USD   More Information    Add to Cart

Description: This course is an introduction to the mental health condition known as depression, a common illness that spans all ages. This course will help you understand the different forms of depression, and you will learn to identify the signs and symptoms of depression. This course will introduce common treatment options and identify recovery and prevention tools. You will learn how to help prevent and respond to suicide concerns. Throughout the course you will be introduced to some common myths and misperceptions about depression in addition to the facts about depression.

CFSM: Developing an Intervention Plan   Price: $ 89.00 USD  More Information    Add to Cart

Description: This course teaches learners how to develop an effective plan for employee retention based on analysis of specific needs in their service settings. It teaches learners how to calculate and track turnover and vacancy rates and how to use the results to select the best interventions and monitor progress. It also teaches how to anticipate and overcome barriers and challenges in implementing intervention plans.

Functional Assessment    Price: $ 84.00 USD  More Information    Add to Cart

Description: Functional assessment is a tool that helps you learn more about people. It is useful for finding answers to the question of why a person engages in disruptive or harmful behaviors. Often direct support professionals (DSPs) are asked to participate in the process of functional assessment. This course is an overview of functional assessment.

Introduction to Developmental Disabilities   Price: $ 79.00 USD  More Information    Add to Cart

Description: This course provides the learner with a background in the history, language, and basic concepts of services for persons with developmental disabilities. In this course the learner reviews the ideas and learns the vocabulary that is important to working within the field of developmental disabilities. This information makes the learner more effective in communicating with others and in understanding the system in which developmental disabilities services are provided. Click 'More Information' to see lesson details.

Community Inclusion   Price: $ 79.00  USD More Information    Add to Cart

Description: This course helps DSPs understand their roles in supporting the inclusion of people with developmental disabilities in the communities in which they live and work. It provides an overview of inclusion and why it is important, and the learner is given strategies for enhancing inclusion of individuals with developmental disabilities. Click 'More Information' to see lesson details.

Medication Support    Price: $ 84.00  USD More Information    Add to Cart

Description: This course is an introduction to supporting people while safely and effectively managing their medications. The course includes information on: working with prescribing health care professionals; proper storage and administration of medications; monitoring for problems reactions to medications; and communication and documentation.

Person-Centered Planning & Supports   Price: $ 84.00  USD More Information    Add to Cart

Description: This course will help learners understand the foundational concepts and values of Person-Centered Planning and the benefits of this type of planning. The course includes an overview of five different types of planning as they are done today. It includes information and tips on participating meaningfully in a Person-Centered Plan. The course outlines steps that help the direct support professional bring these plans to life. Common challenges to person-centered services are reviewed and the learner is given a chance to learn about and create solutions to these types of challenges.

Personal Care   Price: $ 84.00 USD  More Information    Add to Cart

Description: This course provides information on why grooming and hygiene is an important part of daily life. Many direct support professionals help people with tasks such as helping with dressing, bathing, shaving, or using the toilet. Learning to support people with personal care in a sensitive and respectful manner is discussed. This course will also help learners understand health concerns and risks related to personal care.

Positive Behavior Support Price: $ 79.00 USD  More Information    Add to Cart

Description: This course is an introduction to methods of supporting people who engage in challenging behaviors. Strategies that are safe, fair, compassionate, and effective in preventing and reducing problem behaviors are included. The learner is provided with definitions of challenging behavior and basic behavioral terms and principles. The course also teaches learners about regulations in the use of behavioral interventions. Click 'More Information' to see lesson details.

Safety at Home and in the Community    Price: $ 79.00 USD  More Information    Add to Cart

Description: This course provides an overview of methods for preventing and responding to safety issues at home and in the community away from home. Lessons include information on safety while driving, creating safe home environments, and safe handling of blood borne pathogens (universal precautions and OSHA requirements). Information for preventing and responding to specific situations such as fires, natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and other emergencies is covered. Click 'More Information' to see lesson details.

Supporting Healthy Lives    Price: $ 79.00  USD More Information    Add to Cart

Description: This course provides an overview of information needed to understand what it takes to lead a healthy life and how to support people with disabilities in making good choices related to their health. It covers the importance of making healthy choices such as eating right and getting the right amount of exercise. It reviews health-related issues across the life span and gives advice on working with health care providers. A lesson on recognizing the signs and symptoms of illness is included along with information on how to take care of someone who is ill. Click 'More Information' to see lesson details.

Teaching People with Disabilities   Price: $ 79.00  USD More Information    Add to Cart

Description: This course helps the learner understand why it is important for all people to learn new things, what motivates people to learn, what teaching strategies help people with developmental disabilities learn, and how teaching and learning can be effectively organized. This course helps the learner move beyond a "caregiving" role to one of being a true supporter and professional. Click 'More Information' to see lesson details.

CDS Core Curriculum   Price: $ 299.00 USD    More Information    Add to Cart

Description: This package contains 11 Basic level CDS courses. Both HIPAA and Universal Precautions lessons are included. The courses are designed to train and refresh direct support professionals. Click "More Information" to view a synopsis of the courses and lessons in this package. The courses do not contain state specific information. These courses can be applied toward a NADSP credentialing certificate.

Developmental Disabilities, Services and Policies

           Course 1:  Introduction to Developmental Disabilities  (6 lessons)

Supporting Safe and Healthy Lives  

           Course 2:  Safety at Home and in the Community  (8 lessons)

           Course 3:  Maltreatment of Vulnerable Adults and Children  (5 lessons)

            Course 4:  Supporting Healthy Lives  (6 lessons)

           Course 5:  Teaching People with Disabilities  (3 lessons)

Individual Empowerment/Self Determination

           Course 6:  Individual Rights and Choice  (5 lessons)

Community Service and Networking

           Course 7:  Community Inclusion  (4 lessons)

Positive Behavioral Supports/Crisis Intervention

           Course 8:  Positive Behavior Support  (7 lessons)


           Course 9:  Documentation and Record Keeping  (4 lessons)

Building and Maintaining Friendships

           Course 10:  You’ve Got a Friend  (3 lessons)

Education, Self-Development and Access to Information

           Course 11:  Direct Support Professionalism  (5 lessons)

CDS Intermediate Level Courses  Price: $ 269.00 USD   More Information    Add to Cart

Description: This package contains 9 Intermediate level CDS courses. Click "More Information" to view a synopsis of the courses and lessons in this package. It is recommended that learners complete the CDS Core Curriculum package or possess appropriate work experience prior to taking these courses. The courses do not contain state specific information.

Cultural Competence  (8 lessons)

Introduction to Medication Support  (7 lessons)

Employment Supports  (5 lessons)

Person-Centered Planning   (5 lessons)

Personal Care   (6 lessons)

Functional Assessment   (5 Lessons)

Working with Families and Support Networks   (5 Lessons)

Civil Rights & Advocacy   (4 Lessons)

Everyone Can Communicate   (5 Lessons)

Study Nursing Online Australia

Curtin University of Technology










More programs and info from: Curtin University of Technology


Online training units, written and reviewed by experts. Earn two hours' CPD and a personalised certificate for your portfolio.

Subscribers get five FREE learning units and non-subscribers can access each learning unit for £10 + VAT

Click on the topics below to get started:

  Diabetes in Pregnancy

  Diabetic Foot Problems

  Diabetic Foot Problems: Advanced

  Hepatitis C Treatment and Prevention

  Nausea in Oncology and Palliative Care

  Neuropathic Pain

  Pneumonia

  Adult Asthma in Primary Care

  Childhood Immunisation

  Contraception

  Dysphagia

  Primary Nocturnal Enuresis

  Sexually Transmitted Infections in Men

  Sexually Transmitted Infections in Women

  Venous Leg Ulcer Management

Or click here to find out more.

MedScape Education

Medscap Continuing Medical Education has a variety of online tutorials and then assessments. Results can be recorded in your individual profile summary of continuing education points. Requires FREE registration.

Medscape Nurses section

Medscape Psychiatric Nursing section

Medscape Education Topics:-

A Sample of Medscape Education & Clinical Briefs:

·  Distinguishing Alzheimer Disease From Other Major Forms of Dementia CME Alzheimer disease encompasses a broad spectrum from preclinical, to mild cognitive impairment, to AD dementia; diagnosis requires AD biomarkers. Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics, November 2011

·  Recommendations for Treating GI Tract Symptoms in Children With Autism Issued Healthcare providers could use new information as a guide when treating gastrointestinal tract symptoms in patients with autism spectrum disorder. Medscape Education Clinical Briefs, January 2010

·  The Challenge of Changing Stereotyped Behavior in Autism Are repetitive stereotyped behaviors the stepchildren of autism treatment? Learn about the manifestations, neurobiology, and management of these troubling core symptoms of autism and related disorders. Medscape Psychiatry, June 2007

·  Memory Complaints Useful in Cognitive Assessment of Older Patients CME The type and number of older patients' memory complaints can be useful in helping to decide whether follow-up cognitive assessment is warranted, according to a new study. Medscape Education Clinical Briefs, October 2011

·  Patients With Depression: Screening and Treating for Suicide Risk CME/CE Many patients who commit suicide see their primary care provider in the previous month. Does your practice have a plan to identify and treat these patients? Medscape Education Psychiatry & Mental Health, December 2010

·  Integrating Behavioral and Pharmacologic Therapy in the Management of Autism Integrating autism treatment is complex, and many parents seek alternative approaches. Get updated on behavioral and medical therapy, common complementary treatments, and how to best guide families. Medscape Psychiatry, July 2007

·  Fundamentals of Major Depressive Disorder Treatment in Adults, Volume 2 CME Depression treatment can fail if comorbid psychiatric disorders and side effects are not addressed. Here's guidance for the busy clinician. Medscape Education Psychiatry & Mental Health, November 2011           

·  New Diagnostic Criteria for Alzheimer's Published CME/CE The National Institute on Aging and the Alzheimer's Association have published a final version of the draft diagnostic criteria released last summer at ICAD. Medscape Education Clinical Briefs, April 2011

·  Major Depression: Recognition and Assessment in Primary Care CME/CE Routine screening for major depressive disorder takes just a few minutes. The right tools can identify patients most at risk. Medscape Education Psychiatry & Mental Health, December 2010

Online Courses Australia Pty Ltd

Certificate III in Aged Care CHC30212


Open Yale University Courses
Open Yale Courses provides free and open access to a selection of introductory courses taught by distinguished teachers and scholars at Yale University. The aim of the project is to expand access to educational materials for all who wish to learn.

Notre Dame Open CourseWare

by Notre Dame OCW is a free and open educational resource for faculty, students, and self-learners throughout the world. We hope you find Notre Dame OCW valuable, whether you're a student looking for some extra help, a faculty member trying to prepare a new course, or just interested in learning more about a topic that interests you. Notre Dame OCW does not grant credits or degrees, and does not provide access to faculty. What Notre Dame OCW does give you is open access to the materials used in a variety of courses.

Australian Business Training Solutions' e-Learning Centre


Free HP Online Computer Training Courses

The HP organisation offers a variety of short online computer courses that may be of professional or personal interest.

Sign up today to secure your spot in one of this month's featured topics. Visit the HP Online classes ( today to enjoy these free online programs.

Free Online Video Computer Lectures from the University of California, Berkeley Courses with video lectures from the University of California, Berkeley


Drug Calculations Quiz Club

The Drug Calculations Quiz Club is to assist students, and health professionals refresh and develop their skills in mathematics and drug calculations. Practice makes perfect and the club provides access to thousands of common drug calculation problems and solutions. There is a small fee for six months. Or you may try some free online tests. The Quiz club provides more elaborate help and detailed solutions. By – check out their web site.

Health Issues for AgingPopulations
John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Healthcourseintroduces the study of aging, its implications for individuals, families, and society, and the background for health policy related to older persons. Presents an overview on aging from different perspectives: demography, biology, epidemiology of diseases, physical and mental disorders, functional capacity and disability, health services, federal and state health policies, social aspects of aging, and ethical issues in the care of older individuals.

Managing Serious Skin and Soft Tissue Infections
Web-based patient cases that evolve based on the therapeutic options you choose. Throughout the cases, refer to the patient's medical chart, applicable literature, and clinical guidelines to help with your decision making. Compare your peers' selections with your own, and your rationale with that of our expert faculty. There is no fee associated with this activity.

Disaster Preparedness and Response for Nurses
Brought to you by the American Red Cross and Sigma Theta Tau International. To provide nurses with an overview of their role in responding to a weapons of mass destruction/terrorism (WMD/T) event or other disaster.

Female Urinary Incontinence
This comprehensive article takes an in depth look at female urinary incontinence. The goal is to enhance the knowledge and skills of nurses in care of patients with female urinary incontinence. Expires 9/30/2009 . After reviewing the article you can take the test online and receive your certificate.

 Managing Chest Drainage Continuing Education Program
The monograph Managing Chest Drainage is available for download. We are not able to offer continuing education credit while we update the online user interface. Please check back in August 2008 for continuing education credit.

MMWR & Centre for Disease Control & Prevention Continuing Education
A range of course related to infectious diseases and prevention.

Nellcor Online Continuing Education
Nellcor offers free, accredited online continuing education courses for registered nurses and respiratory therapists through our Center for Clinical Excellence website. Choose from a variety of self-paced courses that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Courses offer convenient post-testing and the ability to print your certificate upon completion.

MedScape CME from WebMD
A range of free on line continuing education topics – requires FREE REGISTRATION

What Is Anaphylaxis?

The Spectrum and Treatment of Gastrointestinal Disorders During Pregnancy

The Expanding Role of Antipsychotic Augmentation in Major Depression
Classification of Ocular Allergy

Allergen Specific Immunotherapy for Atopic Dermatitis

Diabetes Screening, Diagnosis, and Therapy in Pediatric Patients With Type 2 Diabetes

Management of Bipolar Disorder in Adults

Mechanisms of Disease: The Evolving Role of Regulatory T Cells in Atherosclerosis

Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain Management in Primary Care: A Patient Simulation for the Healthcare Team

Hyperemesis and Epigastric Pain in a 27-Year-Old Man

Managing ADHD in an Adult With Psychiatric Comorbidity

The Diagnosis and Treatment of Bacterial Conjunctivitis in Pediatric Patients

Uncovering Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Diagnosis and Co-Management Case in Primary Care

Efficient Diagnosis of Suspected Functional Bowel Disorders

Antipsychotics: Pharmacologic Approaches to Improve Adherence in Patients With Serious Mental Illness

Drug Mix-Ups Threaten Patient Safety

Restless Legs Syndrome Self-Assessment Survey

Not So Uncomplicated: Issues in the Treatment of Impetigo in the Age of Antibacterial Resistance

Early Intervention: New Data in the Recognition and Management of Bipolar Disorder

Improving Quality of Life for Adult Patients With Cystic Fibrosis

Turning Adverse Drug Events Into Better Patient Care

A 34-Year-Old Pregnant Woman with Acute Severe Abdominal Pain

Are SNRIs More Effective than SSRIs? A Review of the Current State of the Controversy

Understanding Pediatric Asthma: Dana's Case

Management of High-Risk Tobacco Users: Where Practice Guidelines and Clinical Judgment Meet

Chronic Constipation: Understanding Issues in Gut Physiology and Implications for Therapy

Diagnosis and Treatment of Pediatric Bipolar Disorder

Changing the Paradigm From Treatment to Prevention: Strategies for Reducing the Burden of Varicella, Herpes Zoster, and Herpes Simplex Infections

Ongoing Challenges in the Management of Influenza

Ready for Primetime: Incretin-Based Therapies Play a Novel Role in the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes

ADHD in Young Adults: Individualizing Treatment in 18-to 25-Year-Old Patients

Pandemic Influenza

Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Asthma -- Part 1: Introduction -- Diagnosing Asthma

Complications in Oncology Practice: Venous Thromboembolism and Tumor Lysis Syndrome

Effectiveness of Second Generation Antipsychotics: A Systematic Review of Randomized Trials

Pathways in Adult Asthma Management: Strategies for Controlling Disease in Heterogeneous Populations

Quality Improvement in Healthcare

Differentiating Among Biologic Agents in Crohn's Disease: Applying Clinical Data to Daily Treatment Decisions

New Data in the Recognition and Management of Bipolar Disorder

Challenges to the Management of Pediatric Asthma

The Multidisciplinary Team in Multiple Sclerosis: Harnessing the Array of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tools to Improve Quality of Life

Using Clinical Guidelines to Aggressively Manage Dyslipidemia

The Evolving Management Paradigms for Pediatric ADHD

Headache in Adolescents: Prevention and Complementary Therapies

A Case of Cocaine-induced Basilar Artery Thrombosis

Breast Calcification on Screening Mammography

Implementing New Evidence in the Management of Pediatric Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder

Treating Fibromyalgia Pain and Beyond: Pathophysiology and Management of Multiple Symptom Domains

A Case of Transient Epileptic Amnesia With Radiological Localization

Rheumatoid Arthritis, Inflammation and Cardiovascular Disease

Augmentation Strategies in Treatment-Resistant Depression

Atrophic Vaginitis: An Undertreated Epidemic, Part I

Atrophic Vaginitis: An Undertreated Epidemic, Part II

Cardiometabolic Risk Reduction in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes: Evolving Science and Emerging Strategies

Advances in ADHD Management: Adult ADHD and Comorbidities

Early Intervention in a Patient With Parkinson's Disease

Choosing the Appropriate Treatment Regimen for a Patient With Restless Legs Syndrome and Comorbid Conditions

Disparities in Breast Cancer Treatment and Outcomes

Substance Use, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and Violence

Female Sexual Dysfunction: A Clinical Update

Speech-Language Impairment: How to Identify the Most Common and Least Diagnosed Disability of Childhood

Managing Schizophrenia in a Patient With Alcohol Abuse and Hepatic Impairment

Fibromyalgia: A Label for Chronic, Widespread Pain

New National Guidelines as a Tool for Managing Asthma in Clinical Practice

The Unraveling of Incretin Biology: New Dimensions in the Management of Type 2 Diabetes

Improving Mental Health Outcomes: Focus on Atypical Antipsychotics

The Multidisciplinary Team in Multiple Sclerosis: Harnessing the Array of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tools to Improve Quality of Life

Must-Block Television! Reducing Screen Time Improves Body Mass Index Among Young Children: A Best Evidence Review

Poorly Differentiated Carcinoma of Unknown Primary Involving the Axilla

Diagnosing and Treating Bipolar Disorder in the Child and Adolescent

High Triglycerides in a Patient After Myocardial Infarction: The Role of Secondary Prevention

Initial Diagnosis of Erosive Esophagitis: A Case Study Approach for Primary Care

How to Stop the Hurt -- Sucrose Prior to Infant Vaccinations: A Best Evidence Review

Advancing Wellness: Role of Omega-3 Fatty Acids and DHA in Adult Health

Optimizing Management of Bipolar Disorder in Children

Cranberries and Urinary Tract Infections

Primary and Secondary Prevention in Mixed Dyslipidemia: What Do the Guidelines Say?

Key Considerations in the Treatment of Chronic Insomnia in a Perimenopausal Woman

Patterns of Pharmacotherapy and Treatment Response in Elderly Adults with Bipolar Disorder

Addressing Cardiology Concerns in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) Care

DHA and Dementia: Preserving Cognition in the Aging Patient

Management of Influenza in a Family With an Immunocompromised Member

The Revised Dopamine Hypothesis of Schizophrenia: Evidence From Pharmacological MRI Studies With Atypical Antipsychotic Medication

Managing Joint Pain and Swelling in Primary Care: A Patient Simulation Series for the Healthcare Team

NSAIDs and Manipulation Ineffective for Acute Low Back Pain: A Best Evidence Review

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Comorbid Conditions in Adults: Case Studies in Diagnosis and Treatment

Persistent Pain and the Older Patient

Stress and Obesity: Partners in Disease

Examining the Fingernails When Evaluating Presenting Symptoms in Elderly Patients

Optimizing the Treatment of Adult ADHD

Evidence-Based Management of Bell's Palsy: A Best Evidence Review

Recognizing and Treating Excessive Sleepiness in Primary Care: Excessive Sleepiness and Comorbidities

Assessment of the Neck and Lymph Nodes in the Elderly Patient

Psychosocial Interventions for Bipolar Disorder: A Review of Literature and Introduction of the Systematic Treatment Enhancement Program

Supplementation With Calcium and Vitamin D: Efficacy Against Fracture and Total Mortality: A Best Evidence Review

Folic Acid -- Finally Some Good News: A Best Evidence Review

Beyond Tired: Recognizing and Managing Excessive Sleepiness

Tics and Tourette Syndrome: A Clinical Review

Warfarin vs Aspirin in Atrial Fibrillation -- New Perspectives: A Best Evidence Review

Understanding Triglycerides: Beyond LDL Cholesterol

Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence

TIA and Secondary Stroke Prevention

Topical Treatments for Fat Reduction -- Do They Work? A Best Evidence Review

"Doctor, Why Can't I Stay Awake?" Managing Excessive Sleepiness in the Patient With Comorbid Disorders

Optimizing Outcomes in Hepatitis C

MIT Open Courseware Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Free lecture notes, exams, and videos from MIT. No registration required. MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) is a web-based publication of virtually all MIT course content. OCW is open and available to the world and is a permanent MIT activity. There is no registration or enrollment process because OCW is not a credit-bearing or degree-granting initiative.

Chronic Infection and Inflammation: What are the Consequences on Your Health?

The Radical Consequences of Respiration: Reactive Oxygen Species in Aging and Disease

Genomics and Computational Biology

Medical Computing

Medical Decision Support

Musculoskeletal Pathophysiology

Cognitive Neuroscience

Principle and Practice of Human Pathology

Genomic Medicine

Biochemistry and Pharmacology of Synaptic Transmission

Introduction to Biology

Principles of Pharmacology

Cellular and Molecular Immunology

Information Technology in the Health Care System of the Future

Social Studies of Bioscience and Biotech

Medical Artificial Intelligence

Statistical Physics in Biology

Tumor Pathophysiology and Transport Phenomena

Principles of Radiation Interactions

Noninvasive Imaging in Biology and Medicine

Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Data Acquisition and Analysis

Speech Communication

Physiology of the Ear

Brain Mechanisms for Hearing and Speech

Principles and Practice of Drug Development

A Clinical Approach to the Human Brain

Physical Chemistry


Disease and Society in America

Drugs, Politics, and Culture

Brains and Culture: Love, Lies & Neurotransmitters

Human Reproductive Biology

Introduction to Psychology

Design of Medical Devices and Implants

Molecular and Cellular Pathophysiology: DNA Repair

Synaptic Plasticity and Memory, from Molecules to Behavior

Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies

Neural Basis of Learning and Memory

Autism Theory and Technology

Quantitative Physiology: Cells and Tissues


MIT Open Courseware Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Free lecture notes, exams, and videos from MIT. No registration required. MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) is a web-based publication of virtually all MIT course content. OCW is open and available to the world and is a permanent MIT activity. There is no registration or enrollment process because OCW is not a credit-bearing or degree-granting initiative.

Developmental Entrepreneurship

Principles of Microeconomics

Dynamic Leadership: Using Improvisation in Business

Community-Owned Enterprise and Civic Participation

Economic Analysis for Business Decisions

Practical Information Technology Management

Generating Business Value from Information Technology

Research Seminar in IT and Organizations: Economic Perspectives

Applied Macro- and International Economics

Global Climate Change: Economics, Science, and Policy

Applied Economics for Managers

Game Theory for Managers

Optimization Methods in Management Science

Systems Optimization

Competitive Decision-Making and Negotiation

Advanced Stochastic Processes

Communication for Managers

Advanced Managerial Communication

Managerial Psychology

Managerial Psychology Laboratory

Organizational Processes

Building and Leading Effective Teams

Leading Organizations II

Team Project

Individuals, Groups, and Organizations

Organizations and Environments

Managing Transformations in Work, Organizations, and Society

Managing the Innovation Process

Managing Innovation: Emerging Trends

Global Entrepreneurship Lab

Designing and Leading the Entrepreneurial Organization

Strategic HR Management

Power and Negotiation

Entrepreneurial Marketing

Special Seminar in Marketing: Marketing Management

Negotiation and Conflict Management

Introduction to Marketing

Marketing Management

Listening to the Customer

Strategic Marketing Measurement

Marketing Strategy

People and Organizations

Urban Labor Markets and Employment Policy

Political Economy I: Theories of the State and the Economy

Operations Management

Introduction to Operations Management

System Dynamics for Business Policy

Applications of System Dynamics

Strategic Management I

Strategic Management II

Technology Strategy

Strategic Management and Consulting Proseminar: Theoretical Foundations

Organizations as Enacted Systems: Learning, Knowing and Change

Ethical Practice: Professionalism, Social Responsibility, and the Purpose of the Corporation

Managing and Volunteering In the Non-Profit Sector

The Sociology of Strategy

Dynamic Leadership: Using Improvisation in Business

Developmental Entrepreneurship

Leadership Lab

Practical Leadership

Special Seminar in Management The Nuts and Bolts of Business Plans

Leadership Tools and Teams: A Product Development Lab

Cross-Cultural Leadership

Advanced Corporate Risk Management

The Theory of Operations Management

Operations Strategy

Seminar in Operations Management

Management Accounting and Control

Business Analysis Using Financial Statements

Nonlinear Econometric Analysis

Workshop on Deliberative Democracy and Dispute Resolution

Time Series Analysis

Technology-based Business Transformation

Data, Models, and Decisions

Generating Business Value from Information Technology

System Dynamics Self Study

Management in Engineering

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