Global Advantage

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Global Education Centre Students

Global agency staff training programs.

* Comprehensive Training

 - DSA & Disability Service Standards

An overview of Disability Services Act and the Disability Service Standards

* Essential Skills Course

 - CPR Update,

 - Intro OH&S risk management

 - Manual Handling

 - Universal Precautions, hand washing, personal protective equipment

 - Clinical Observation Skills including Diabetic Monitoring.

* Assist Medication Course

* Person Centred Planning, Community Participation & Access

* PEG Feeding Course

* Active Support & Living Skills Teaching Techniques

* Challenging Behaviour Course

* Keep Them Safe - Child Protection & Mandatory Notification

* P.A.R.T. Course

Predict, Assess & Respond to Aggressive/Challenging Behaviour

* Epilepsy & Midazolam Course

Courses only run according to our staff training needs

* Wound Management Course

* Diabetes Management Course

* Anaphylaxis & Emergency Medication

* Between The Flags - Keeping Patients Safe

Recognition and management of clinical deterioration

* Mental Health & Disability - Dual Diagnosis Course


Course Cancellations

Should you be unable to attend the course please ring the reception and notify us as soon as possible so that others have the opportunity to take your place.

Call 1800 009 292 to advise the course date, course title and your name.

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